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Becker Content Manager 5.24

Manages the files of Becker navigatioj systems
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Work with the internal data of a Becker PND copy by creating backup copies of map data for storage and loading, installing software updates, add new map files or extra elements, restoring the system version or content from the backed up copy, scanning for errors, etc.

Becker Content Manager is an application that allows users to upload maps and manage contents stored in Becker PNG devices. In other words, users need to connect their Becker PNGs to a computer via a USB port. Then, with the use of Becker Content Manager they can upgrade certain maps and reorganize the map database.

One of the advantages of using this piece of software is the fact that it comes with the possibility to perform backups, before running any other operation on it. This feature comes in handy because it safe-guards previous maps stored in Becker PNGs. In order to have access to this option, users need to click on the “Backup” button on the left-hand side of the screen.

By default, Becker Content Manager keeps a download cache, stored in a temporary folder on the PC. If anyone considers that this setting takes too much space on their hard drives, they can easily uncheck this feature, or on the contrary to clear the temporary file.

To conclude with, Becker Content Manager is a useful application for those who choose a Becker device as a navigation tool. Moreover, it offers several efficient settings in order for users to customize their map database.

Mario Procione
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